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Tiens (Tiens (Tianshi)) Products and Franchise

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Company Profile

- The goal of Tiens (Tianshi) is to make people healthy & wealthy
- Tiens (Tianshi) started out in 1992 as a retail establishment. Since then it has grown into a huge conglomerate with several different divisions (Economic, Biology, Real Estate, Transportation, Bioengineering, Enterprise Research, College, and Advertising divisions).
- Tiens (Tianshi) is a debt free company with a net worth in excess of $1.5 Billion, currently making about $900 Million a year.
- In 1995, Mr. Li, the founder of Tiens (Tianshi), purchased, for about half a million dollars, a patent for the processing of high absorption calcium, and launched Tiens (Tianshi) Health Products, Inc. with its headquarter in Beijing within the Henderson Center
- Production base covering a total area of 260,000 square meters with a built-up area of 120,000 square meters
- By 1995 Tiens (Tianshi) was earning just over 2 million USD a month, and Mr. Li realized that Tiens (Tianshi) was never going to be able to reach the global markets through traditional methods of distribution. It was at this point that Tiens (Tianshi) began to distribute its health products using today's cutting edge methods of Network Marketing.

- Tiens (Tianshi) is an active member of WFDSA
-Based on the most sophisticated biological technoloty and integrating the essence of Chinese life preservation culture of 5000 years while utilizing the most advanced manufacturing equipment and processes, Tiens (Tianshi) has produced products with guaranteed quality.
- 1996 sales-turn-over rose to 630 million yuan
- 1997 sales-turn-over tripled to 2.12 billion yuan
- 1998 Go International
- Total sales reached over 40 million USD a month
- Tiens (Tianshi) has established itself in more than 24 nations, such as Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, South Africa, Canada, Malaysia,
Thailand, and Australia

- Tiens (Tianshi) has the largest number of distributors of any Network Marketing
- Tiens (Tianshi) is the largest supplement company in China
- Tiens (Tianshi) is one of the largest companies in China
- Tiens (Tianshi) has invested millions in  terminal illness research
- By 2003 Tiens (Tianshi)'s factories in The U.S.A, Russia, South Africa, Germany, Australia, France, Canada, etc.
- Tiens Biotech Group (USA), Inc. reports consolidated Net Income increased by 754.4% for 2003
- 2004 Factory in Malaysia is fully operational
- 2004 Tiens (Tianshi) has established itself in more than 180 nations

Company Honors

- 1998 "Contribution for Human Health Award" and the "Human Health Award"
- "Certificate for the UN Supplier"
- 2000 Tianshi President, Li Jinyuan, as one of the "Ten Outstanding Scientific and Technological Talents Across The Century"
- Tianshi President, Li Jinyuan, won the title of "Excellent Entrepreneur of Asia-Pacific Region"
- Tianshi President, Li Jinyuan, awarded honorary Doctorate by the UN International Academy of Ecological and Life Sciences
- Tianshi President, Li Jinyuan, Outstanding Entrepreneur from Chinese Privately Owned Science and Technology Enterprises
- 2002 Tianshi Group was selected by the UN Ecological Safety Commission and the Academy for International Ecological Safety as the "Best Enterprise for Ecological Safety"
- 2002 State-Class Direct Marketing Research Base
- State-Class Research Base For Health Product Industry
- Fifty Major Health Product Enterprises Of China
- 2003 Tianshi President, Li Jinyuan, as "Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur"
- 2004 Tianshi President, Li Jinyuan, as 2nd richest man in China
- etc.

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